Photo booths have been an important part of events now. Photo booths give you and your guests memories and entertainment. It makes people interact and share memories. Props bring more excitement to your photo booth. Props are for everyone, every age group. From children to grandparents, you will see everyone do the silliest things with it. Here is a list of props you must have at photo booths

  • Masks

Masks can be a great prop for a photo booth. There’s a wide range of characters for masks. You can pick any mask of your favorite character and take pictures. There’s another benefit of a mask. People who are not comfortable showing their faces in pictures can always wear a mask and can also enjoy the photo booth

  • Wigs

Wigs are one of the most popular items for a photo booth. Ever wanted to try a new hairstyle but couldn’t do it? Don’t worry, you can always use wigs and be whatever you want. You can be a blonde, have curly hair, or a circus clown whatever you want. You can have a totally different personality with a wig. It is a great prop to use for photo booths.

  • Picture frame

The picture frame also has been very popular. You can also add details to your frame. You can mention the date of the day you took the picture or you can use some funny quote on your frame to make it fun. You can be very creative with a picture frame.  

  • Stick sign

Stick signs are a must thing for a photo booth. It makes your photo booth fun. You can share your feelings through a photo with these signs. So you can use signs like 

“Just married”, “age is just a number”. Whatever you like. You can come up with any kind of phrase or quote that is relevant to your event. 

  • Glasses

Glasses are an essential prop for a photo booth. They come in different styles and sizes and there are also oversized glasses. Then there are emoji glasses for casual events. Grab a pair that fits your personality and suits your dressing and have fun.

  • Hats

Hats grab attention to your photo booth. Hats bring more fun to your photo booth. Pick any hat of your choice, take pictures how you want and make it fun and memorable.